Logo of ‘Instinct’ app

“Instinct: a new phone app that captures your reactions to the world around you, right there in the moment. A competition to find the ‘Face of Instinct’ has taken the social media universe by storm… but two teenage girls have their friendship tested to the limit by the frenzy that follows.” (Text from ‘The Television Workshop’ webpage promoting ‘Instinct’).

The design for the final logo was inspired by the facial recognition feature of the ‘app’. In order to log into ‘Instinct’, users had to first look to the left, then to the right, before finally facing forward. The image of a bar code was indicative of the ‘swiping’ action of the users face when logging into the ‘app’. The shape of the bar code also resembled the bars of a cage, or cell, echoing the notion of the user’s identity now belonging to the app, with the resulting isolation and detachment effectively rendering them prisoners to their situation. The logo design featuring a girl’s face behind the bars (top left image), added further weight to this concept.



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