Design concept for ‘Instinct’ set

Once I had analysed the story’s key themes, the resulting final design consisted of a series of individual window frames, with both roller and Venetian blinds being used separately.

The image of a blind, not only suggested the concept of shutting out the outside world, but it also highlighted the resolution and obsession of the characters to remain detached from it. It is within their power to open the blinds and reach out to others, however, it is their deliberate choice to remain secluded, shut off from each other and the community.

The shape of the frames also resembled a type of blockade to the characters. Relationships within the play are severed, and those trying to mend relationships are met with disinterest.
Masks also feature prominently throughout the play, in several guises. The blinds could also been interpreted as a filter, another type of mask for the characters and their situations.

Above: Final Photoshop drawings of set design.


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